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The dream of the African people by 2063 is to see the continent prosperous, politically integrated and united, with development centred on people. In this dream, young people are the main actors with a role in leading change. However, youth in Africa today face several challenges. Unemployment, exclusion in decision-making bodies, wastage, among others. They are tested and disoriented, and find it difficult to find their way back. 

It is therefore necessary to try to put these young people back in their role by helping them to take up the challenges they face today so that they can take their place as drivers in the development wagon to honour 2063 appointment. 

YMCA, faithful to its mission of empowering young people has adopted the “Africa We want” project, which is the combination of 7 aspirations of the agenda 2063. The idea is to participate in the training of young citizens with voice, space and the capacity to led the desired change in Africa. 

To do so, it is necessary that these young people are made aware and their problems are taken into account. This is why the YMCA movement has initiated several activities since last African Youth Day celebration, which aim to give young people a voice to share on issues that are important to them. Among them, youth employment. Indeed, to explain the massive departure of thousands of young people from Africa to Europe as part of the illegal emigration noted in Senegal, many of their peers have indexed the increasing rate of unemployment and despair as main cause. 

It is to help solve this problem, which could constitute a serious blockage to the development of young people to properly assume their responsibilities, that YMCA Senegal has invited experts on the issue around a panel to give leads that would help to “solve the equation that hides the key of development”.

These panels organized in all the regions where YMCA is represented have allowed the young people to understand that the problem of youth unemployment can indeed be solved. Nevertheless, for this to happen, more is needed than government policies. It requires the commitment of young people and a personal investment. And this is the start of the Africa we want. 

By Diacounda Sene

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