Our commitment to Vision 2030 in Africa is deeply rooted in our focus on fostering positive change and empowering young people across the continent. Aligned with this shared vision, our strategic endeavors over the past years have been intricately connected to the principles that define this global framework.

Dedicated to building a just, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive world, our initiatives resonate with the profound impact outlined in Vision 2030. Recognizing the transformative power of youth, we strive to nurture young minds, providing platforms that amplify their voices and empower them to take charge of their destinies.

As we journey forward, our commitment to young people remains at the forefront, envisioning a future where every young individual in Africa actively participates in shaping a world that is just, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.



Sustainable Planet

Channeling young people's commitment to climate justice and sustainability.



Just World

Amplifying youth voices and actions in communities. Young people demand justice.

Youth Justice

Youth justice program is an African YMCAs initiative that aims to work with the young people in conflict with the law or at risk of being in conflict with the law by taking them through civic competence and empowerment and helping them in finding their voice in their communities through the Subject to Citizen Philosophy.

Yaw, a student from Ghana shares a story of his encounter with the law and how Ghana YMCA was able to support his dreams to go back to school after incarceration.