"Transforming young people from Subject to Citizen"


Africa Renaissance Hub



In 2016, the African YMCA Movement developed the Y3.0 strategy for the future of the African Movement. Under the auspices of the strategy, the AAYMCA was mandated to guide and lead the implementation of Youth Empowerment spaces dubbed Power Spaces. These are both physical and virtual spaces that provide opportunities for youth to engage, to develop, to grow and to be creative.

With technical partnership from the AAYMCA, National Movements can develop innovative spaces for entrepreneurial initiatives and leadership opportunities for young people. To facilitate the processes, the AAYMCA has developed an exciting new model for innovative implementation of Power Spaces based on contextual participatory interpretation. We have created the Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation (3Is) Workshop for Power Spaces as a strategy for innovation. The 3Is Workshop is very participatory and encourages the engagement of stakeholders, duty bearers, youth, YMCA staff and CSO partner organizations.


  1. To facilitate product and service development through Innovative programme Design and prototyping
  2. To adequately track the scope of impact of the YMCA on the client/customer: The overall result of the YMCA engagement with Africa, the eventual difference that the movement makes by being present and active- this extends to the youth and to systems that relate to the youth in general. This will also involve development of tools to facilitate the process.
  3. To identify and satisfy capacity needs for staff at the AAYMCA and National Movements