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Meet Odeajo Israel from the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

In 2012, Israel joined the technical team in his church called ‘Communication Crew’. They were responsible to project the church services and set the engines for services and were a team of about five. He joined the team after the successful completion of his diploma in Computer studies across MS packages (Ms. Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Israel yearned to learn more about computing beyond projecting the church services but other information wasn’t available about computing. As a member of the technical unit, they are part of the media team and working force for the creation of the church website, which he got involved in. They did all the interviews for data gathering to be uploaded on the church website through the webmaster working on the project.

The impression of how the(webmaster) was communicated with high esteem showed him there is something interesting about computing. The impression was longer during the launching of the church website.

I became so interested in Technology programs only based on my prior observations and engagement, so I went ahead and started out by studying Computer Software Engineering at a technical polytechnic. That was a huge and the best foundation for getting started in the technology industry as a career path and not just a schooling experience.

Israel Odeajo

Today Israel is a certified Google Web/Mobile Developer, Google IT support Specialist and a Data Scientist. He is an excellent project lead, community builder, mentor, facilitator and ambassador to many young and old, across different tech communities in Nigeria.

His commitment and zeal to empower communities has branded him an ambassador all over the world. He contributed so much to the Zindi Africa Ambassador, Ingressive Campus Ambassador, Global Youth Ambassador, World Literacy Ambassador and currently still making global change as a World YMCA Change Agent and as an S2C Ambassador, at the Africa Alliance of YMCAs .

My advice to young people, get yourself together and learn something related to your passion from the tech space.

Israel Odeajo

His determination to learn and better his skills and knowledge in the tech industry has led him to facilitate trainings at; AI Saturday Ibadan, AI Invasion Boot camp, AI + club, University of Ibadan, Andela Learning Center, Oyo State (Mobile-Web Track), Co-organizer, Tensorflow Ibadan, Lead Facilitator (Hub 67 Academy), Mentor with ALC with Microsoft Africa Skilllab, Faculty at Robotics and Artificial Intelligence of Nigeria and is a member of Data Science Nigeria, Black in AI, and many tech ecosystems

With so little time, he has made much impact on training other fellow young developers and with a league of mentees over the years

His professional works cut across Web Development, IT consultancy, Technical Writings, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis and Science, Database Management System, Software testing and reporting , you can find some of his amazing work and projects on

If you are a young person, looking to join the tech industry but you have questions, Israel is your person, reach out to him on Linkedln @Odeajo Israel and twitter @israelkingz1

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