The YMCA ”Power Space” is our branding of a youthful space with on-site (at the branches) and (off-site) resources and activities that enable young people to discover themselves, get skills and execute social programmes and business ventures that enrich their lives and those of their communities .

The Power Space will pursue the following aims:

  • Personal development: attitude and character building
  • Incubation of community actions/programmes designed and implemented by young people and/or youth led organisations; through training, office/meeting space, resource materials, internet, mentoring
  • Safe space where diverse groups of young people can engage with peers and adult leaders/decision makers/role models on issues affecting young people and their communities
  • Incubation of youth talent and businesses;

To make the Power Space possible the YMCA will need to provide the following at the branches:

  • In door and out-door meeting spaces
  • Work/office spaces
  • Wireless Internet
  • A computer room with a printer
  • Sports grounds (where possible)
  • Workshop space including recording studio (Local radio station?)
  • Resource centers with books and virtual resources accessible at a low cost or free

The investment/approach the YMCA will be making

  1. Skills building/ mentorship sessions; (equivalent of master classes held by PAWA 254)
  2. Discussion forums on current affairs; social, economic, cultural, political etc.
  3. Events; Arts and Culture, Sports designed against different themes and hence having time in the programme of events to hold discussions
  4. Media campaigns; especially on social media because of the low cost and high return potential it provides
  5. Networking with other like-minded organisations to bring young people to the Power Space or to take the Power Space to their youth
  6. Support youth and youth run CBOs to develop and carry out advocacy campaigns on areas of concerns.

This would require a dedicated staff or volunteer(s) to oversee:

  1. The management of the Power Space and its mandate
  2. Ensure that the Power Space activities are relevant to the needs of the young people in the branch where it is located
  3. The visibility of the Power Space online and also through promotion of the space in other NGOs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches and other places frequented by young people
  4. The set up and running of a management committee made of youth members and community stakeholders