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Liberia YMCA S2C Ambassadors develop a youth engagement model

My name is Gloria King, a member of YMCA Sierra Leone Cline town and a YMCA S2C Ambassador. I'm presently the youth chairperson of Cline town branch and the treasurer of United Y Western Region (Freetown). I join the YMCA in 2015, and became a full and enroll member in 2015. I have been engaging in different activities and programs organized by YMCA Sierra Leone. Some of these activities are as follows:

A peace camping organized by YMCA Sierra Leone to sensitize youth on staying out of violence in elections. Youth were advised and encouraged not to allow themselves to be used by politicians during and after election.
I was also a delegate at the National Quadrennial meeting organized in Eastern Region (Kenema District) by my National Movement to elect the National executive members that run the affairs of the organization. I was also a delegate at the National Youth Election organized in the Southern Region (Bo District), and the United Y Western Region Election organized in Freetown.
I have been part of different programs organized by the United Y Western Region examples, Entrepreneurship training, Youth power space training, Know your YMCA.
  • I was a member of a planning committee that organized a camp at Scout camp Grafton Community. The camp was organized for youth in the Western Region to give a view of things that are affecting the region and to suggest activities they would love the region to organize. The National General Secretary was with us.
  • I was also part of the youth retreat camp organize in the Eastern Region (Kenema District) in celebrating the Africa youth month.
I was a member of the planning committee of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) team. The project took place at the Kanikay slum community and lasted for six (6) months. It was aimed at sensitizing dwellers to be aware of fire accidents and ways of avoiding such accidents were discussed. Dwellers were taught by members of Red Cross Society on how to render First Aid if need arises, A demonstration on how to use fire extinguisher was also done by a Fire Force officer

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