Madagascar YMCA celebrate Africa Youth Day

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By Heriniaina, Program Manager

Madagascar YMCA commemorated Africa Youth Day 2018 under the theme “Young People raising voice against Corruption.” 141 Young people from across the country took part in the celebration (73 male/ 68 female). The young people came from three different YMCA Madagascar branches (YMCA Ambatobe, YMCA Carion and the newly created YMCA Antsirabe). Africa Youth Day 2018 also saw the attendance of young people from other organisations like Ank’izy, Associations d’Enfants d’Antananarivo and Club Vintsy Ravintsara Fanabeazana.

Young advocates for Change (YAC 2016,2017,2018) led  the celebration. It started at 10 a.m with the national anthem and a short devotion. Then the representative from the national office, Heriniaina Randriamalala, the program manager of YMCA Madagascar gave his speech,followed by the representative from the National board and the youth representative. All speakers stressed in their speeches that corruption is one of the scourge that impoverishes our country and young people must take the lead and fight against it.

Africa Youth Day went on with the final of the Africa Quizz Contest. The contest aimed at challenging the youth to test their knowledge about Africa and to strive to  always know more about the culture of our continent. As the celebration of Africa Youth Day 2018 was held a week before the Malagasy election, a session of sensitization on the crucial role of young people as voters was held. That session was followed by a debate based on the theme “Young People raising voice against corruption.”A debate aimed at raising young people’s awareness about their roles against corruption. The morning session ended with lunch.

The afternoon session was totally devoted to the  Talent show.” “Each club from the branches who attended the celebration showed their talents. Y-Kalo from YMCA Carion demonstrated how talented their young members are by singing and dancing. Y-Fashion with their very original African attires danced under the very famous tune “Africa.” A very creative skit was presented by Y-movie showing the different forms of corruption in our everyday life. Y-Gospel, a newly created club, also sang. Y-Krump, through a dance session, breaks the stereotypes that they are victims of and helped the attendance to understand that their dance, their unusual movements, their scary face expressions are their way of communicating emotions. YLFA, a parcourse club displayed the activity of their club. The talent show ended with some sessions of zumba.


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