Young Men’s Christian Association (UCJG/YMCA) is an international Christian, ecumenical, not for profit membership movement. Founded in London (England) in 1844, the YMCA is present in almost 124 countries. The YMCA movement started in Togo in 1903 and it was part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo (EEPT). In 1992, the EEPT recognised YMCA Togo as an independent association and on 12th March 1996, it was registered as an NGO working on development issues in Togo. The TOGO YMCA is affiliated with Africa and Universal Alliance of YMCA’s. African YMCA’s share the same vision which is empowering young people for the African renaissance. The current National Board is BENTO Kossi Adétola


Mission Statement

Strengthen young people that are able to strive for social justice and peace by promoting a culture of leadership based on Christian principles and

shared values.
Our Core Values
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
Our Aim

The aim of YMCA is to develop body, mind and soul of every person so that through its work individuals and communities especially young people and women are self-sufficient.

Our Strategic Areas
  • Youth Civic Action
  • Employment and entrepreneurship of young people
  • Youth health
  • Rights and youth Justice
  • Institutional Development
Our Programmes


“From Subject to Citizen” is a philosophy, an initiative to empower young people with civic competence skills that can enable them to have a credible voice, space to influence the decision making process at local, national or international level.


Young people strengthen their capacities and work with their peers in order to allow them to prevent diseases, improve hygiene and sanitation situation of their communities through training workshops in slums, churches and mosques( Slum Project, STI and HIV Prevention Project)


In Sokode, Atakpame, Kara and Lomé, a team of volunteers give their time and talents by working with young people through several socio-cultural activities every Wednesday and Friday at 3’Oclock PM.


The YMCA offers training and support to young people that want to be involved in entrepreneurship like Youth Entrepreneurship Project.


In order to implement its programs, TOGO YMCA ensures that its organs and members are strengthened, work and mobilize internal resources

Some Current Projects

S2C, Youth Justice

S2C, Youth Justice is a project funded by Swedish Mission Council for a period of 3 years (July 2018 to June 2020). It has a holistic approach integrating both the prevention of crime by working with youth at risk and facilitating access to justice for youth in conflict with the law.

The project also preparing prisoners for reintegration and offers support for socio-professional integration.

  • Protection and Rehabilitation of Young Vulnerable in Togo (PR)

    Protection and Rehabilitation of Young Vulnerable in Togo is a project that aims to ensure the protection and rehabilitation of young people in conflict with the law and at risk in Togo. The project sites are Lomé, Atakpamé, Kara, Aneho and Sokodé.
  • International Citizen Service (ICS)

    ICS is a British volunteering project that allows young British people between the ages of 18 and 25 to come and work in Togo together in Togolese communities and make positive changes by doing so they acquire new life skills. The project sites are Lomé, Atakpamé and Sokodé
  • Agricultural Project (FOJER)

    Funded by BMZ and CVJM, FOJER aims to improve young people's living conditions in two rural areas like Ave and Agou.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship (JE)

    Funded by Y Care International (YCI) for three years (2017-2019), JE is creating entrepreneurship opportunities (AGR) and employment for youth in some slums in Lomé (Togo) like Katanga, Gbétsogbé and Tokoin Elavagnon. JE is improving environmental protection, social justice and economic resilience for youth in the same slums.

    CAFAP is an active training centre. It seeks to train young farmers in the communities of Avé and Agou in entrepreneurship for an economic renaissance. CAFAP is also preparing to host one campus of the University of the African Renaissance.
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