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By Daniel Jensen, Communications YMCA South Africa

YMCA South Africa(SA) launched a new YouTube channel, where SA YMCA will be sharing their video stories. The videos are not about what YMCA does, but more about how and why they do it. Therefore, the stories are told through the people YMCA has had their impact on.

There are a couple of different videos on the channel, focussing on the Youth Justice programme. For instance, you can watch the story of Sphe, who lived on the street for four years but with the right support from a local YMCA he managed to change his life. He is now battling with his matric exams instead of struggling on the street.
In the future there will also be stories of other YMCA programmes, since Youth Justice is just one of YMCA South Africa’s four signature programmes.

South Africa YMCA started the YouTube channel because, it was missing a place to share their impact stories. The good stories were too often forgotten. The national office decided to do something about the challenge/issue, and the outcome was a YouTube channel. YouTube stories are easy to share, everybody has access and every member of the YMCA can contribute with content.

“I am looking forward to see how the channel develops as there is a lot of potential for good content. Furthermore, YouTube is the right place to be with our impact stories because here we can show our work and not just talk about it,”
says Mike Cuthbert the National Youth Justice Director who is one of the founders of the channel.

You can watch the videos here. Remember to subscribe to our channel so that you continue to follow the impact stories from South Africa YMCA.



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