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By Mustapha Momo, Communications Volunteer, Sierra Leone YMCA

YMCA Sierra Leone on Tuesday 11th September, 2018 paid a familiarization visit the country’s Minister of Youth Affairs Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura at his Brookfields office in Freetown

The purpose of the visit according to the Board Vice Chairman of YMCA, Mr. Foday Musa was to familiarize with the country’s new youth minister and to introduce YMCA to the minister for continuous and future collaborations

Mr. Foday Musa on behalf of the Executive committee, Staff, volunteers and members of YMCA congratulated Minister Mohamed Orman Bangura on his appointment as the youth minister. He further went on to state that YMCA being a youth organization should identify themselves with the youth minister and his ministry

In his statement, the National General Secretary/CEO of Sierra Leone YMCA, Mr. Christian Martyn Kamara again congratulated the minister on his appointment and noted that YMCA is not a stranger to the youth ministry as over the years, YMCA has been one of the key stakeholders of the ministry

With the Ministry, Mr. Kamara said that YMCA supported in drafting the youth policy, the ministry’s blueprint, supported the Youth farm in Masiaka and YMCA was also part of the team that formulated the youth National youth service

“By and large, YMCA has had a very good working relationship with the ministry over the years because for us it is our line ministry so we are ready to support the ministry” Mr. Kamara noted

Mr. Kamara stated that as a membership organization, YMCA is established in over 23 communities nationwide working with young people and transforming the lives of young people through the Subjects to Citizens (S2C) approach. Transforming them from being subjects to active citizens who will be more useful and productive to the country, Mr. Kamara noted!

In light of this, Mr. kamara stated that the thrust of YMCA programmes ranges from entrepreneurship support, livelihood support, Youth in Agriculture, civic education and advocacy more especially youth participation in governance

In his submission, the Hon minister, Mohamed Orman Bangura thanked the YMCA delegation for such a timely and remarkable visit to his ministry

He said as a government, there is no way they can succeed without the support of partners for which YMCA has been pivotal in the transformation of Young people in Sierra Leone

His goal according to the minister is to transform the lives of young people as he is aware of the challenges faced by young people in the country and therefore he believes that youth and development issues should not be politicized

He said one of the major issues that have been affecting the ministry over the years is corruption but he promised in his tenure as youth minister, he is determined to fight corruption

The Minister went to state that as Sierra Leoneans we do not lack good ideas but we lack good policy implementation

He assured YMCA of his continual support and promised that business is no longer as usual.

He also reaffirmed that he is always ready to hear more of YMCA projects and ready for a cordial relationship with YMCA

“Be assured that i am an accountable minister who is ready to account for every cent meant for the youth of Sierra Leone” he concluded


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