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The YMCA-RGE (Resource Group on the Environment) is an international team of young leaders from within the YMCA movement seeking to further the World YMCA`s advocacy, and climate education.

Young people from around the world are taking action on problems on the issues of the environment, sustainable development and climate change. 

The RGE Group can support the demand of the whole YMCA to make the world greener and make the YMCA a more environmental-friendly youth organization.

The YMCA needs to lead by example and the environment is one of our four pillars in our global strategy.

We stand for a positive ambitious change and hope !
Let’s all become a green leader and changemaker in the global YMCA community !

So if you are interested, join us! Contact Maricris, maricris@ymca.int

If your YMCA has environment related projects, contact us so we can promote them on the RGE blog, action.ymca.int/tag/rge, the Facebook Group or the Instagram account: @ymcarge.

For more information, please contact Emmanuelle, communications officer for the RGE at emmanuelle.makunga@gmail.com.

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