YAC 2018 Milestones in Moramanga Madagascar

Formation des jeunes : la commune de Wakhinane fait appel à YMCA
Hospitality Training at Takoradi YMCA Vocational Training Centre, Ghana

By Sechaba Molapo, South Africa (YAC2018)

Madagascar is a wonderful country with great history, culture and scenery. Amongst others there has been a shadow which isolates the country from the world. One of the major factors is language. Malagasy and French are the mostly spoken languages. Out of 195 countries 67 speak English as a primary language, with an additional 27 which speak it as a secondary language, making the total English-speaking community at 48.2%, which makes English the most preferred means of communication.

Furthermore, as Yac participants 2018, in Moramanga we feel obliged to teach and improve English language within and around Moramanga. Various schools, university, place of professionalism and classes are our target areas. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we teach  the general community,  beneficiaries include Uneum, Lycee Moramanga, Benzanozano hotel, ESPA and our YMCA general classes.

More so, after launching English classes, which takes place twice a week for each beneficiary, there has been steady increase  in both their understanding and responding in English. This has been welcoming given the sense that we had started English courses (both adults and children) and seen how they  have applied themselves fully to the opportunity and have made commendable results.

In the process, we recruited 54 new  members into YMCA branch, just two weeks after our  presence in the city. The national office in Antananarivo YMCA confirmed the figures, which is expected to increase  in the upcoming months of our stay. We managed to capture two vital individuals by the name Oumadi and Tiavina who are also new members of the branch. I use vital members because they are just a few individuals in Madagascar who speak English fluently. It is great that we have recruited them as members because once we leave to our respective countries we need people to continue the work left by the Moramanga team namely Sechaba and Pious.

In addition to the above, we has been able to start computer lessons at one of the schools. And this too has contributed to the success of the high rate of members to the branch. The medical students have been grateful for the opportunity given, which will be part of their daily lives, and some to whom have never touched one.






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