“Today is all that you have”

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I logged onto my social media account only to see one of my friends tagged me in a photo captioned ” I miss the time we spent together as a group “. It was just a simple statement, but one that left my mind to ponder about many things. Usually in life, when we are together, we rarely value those moments ,we only become conscious of them after they are gone . Most times, we secretly wish for those moments to come back , unfortunately time could be very cruel sometimes, it never takes us back.

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More so, one should learn to make good use of NOW, as it is all we have. Yesterday is gone ,tomorrow is yet to come, value and appreciate today .Strive to make the best out of every moment, love, care, transform and touch lives and above all, enjoy life. As one begins a new day ,bear in mind that there is no other day as today. Hence do your best today , knowing that it will never come again. Many people with time, they look back on their lives, all they see is regret and wish for nothing but to go back and correct the errors and mistakes committed ,painfully reality is we cannot change our past, but we can only work on our today.

It is good after many years, when you look at your past, you feel happy, proud and fulfilled for the things you achieved, the life you lived and the people you transformed. Remember the past has effects on the present, and the present, determines the future. It is true that we are always advised to leave the past behind, but it is also very true that we can never totally erase our past, it shows up from time to time along our journey in life. Remember we cannot bury history. All we have is today, make it count, make it worth remembering, and make it a proud history that you will love to share tomorrow.

Pious Mannah ,

Sierra leonne (Yac2018 )

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