The opportunity I am glad I took

S2C, My Turning Point
S2C Ambassadors Training Programme – My Experience

Over years we have repeatedly heard that the youth are the future leaders, yet they seem to be the most forgotten or oppressed generational group in society, and some of us wonder, how this future is going to be like, because young people still remain powerless and limited in capacity to lead nations. Thanks to YMCA, I see a light at the end of the tunnel, due to the impactful efforts they have put into grooming young people to become the future leaders of tomorrow not just by words but by action; through the creation of power spaces for young people to discover their capabilities, develop them and take lead in supporting our communities.

My journey with the S2C has been the most eventful of the last year of my life, bringing in new experiences, challenges, and personal development as I strive to complete all challenges successfully. Getting the opportunity to meet likeminded young people from various parts of the African continent, is one of the things I really appreciate from the S2C because it has opened my mind to how other places are like, their way of life and other diverse issues, while also sharing in each other’s challenges due to its similarities on the continent. Facilitating the partner introduction played a major role in me building friendship and network with these awesome leaders, and has made me appreciate effective communication due to the English/French Language barrier. I am also learning from others how they’re leading their YMCAs.

All assignments challenge us to pay attention, research, and communicate effectively in writing and speaking, while sharpening our cognitive skills. I have been exposed to, and gaining lots of knowledge about Human Centered Design and Futures thinking. Last year’s African Youth Month Celebration is the avenue through which I learnt how to write a concept note, draw a project budget, hire resources, monitor and regulate expenditure, implement programmes and write reports, while working within a stipulated time frame. I must confess, the AYM gave me the opportunity to singularly direct my first video as an aspiring documentary film director.

 I am now taking steps to impact my community with what I have gained from the S2C so far in such ways as mobilizing young people to attend recreational activities; to help improve socialization skills and mental health, as well assisting young people to improve their entrepreneurial skills, to help empower them financially.

Such life changing opportunity (the S2C) I will be forever grateful for, is the answer to building the proactive leaders poised for the attainment of the Africa we want. I will recommend this programme to other young people, so shouldn’t hesitate to grab such an opportunity whenever they encounter it.



Ohenewa Francisca

S2C Ambassador

Ghana YMCA.

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