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April 8, 2018
Anne Jepkorir Kotut
April 8, 2018
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Francis Indangasi

Position Held at AAY                                        Accounts Officer
Career:                                                                       Accounting
Studied:                                                                     Accountancy
Is passionate about:                                            Peaceful environment
Refuses to put his lips to:                                 Alcohol & drugs
Would never leave the house without:      Bathing
Most over-used word:                                        How are you today
Can’t understand why people:                       Are Unfair to others
Thinks that men should learn to:                 Have time with family
Thinks that women should learn to:           Listen more than talking
Is secretly fan of:                                                  No secrets
Totally admires:                                                   My family
Happiness is:                                                      When I take care of my family