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Carlos Madjri Sanvee

Carlos Sanvee is the General Secretary of the Africa Alliance and is based at its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. He joined the Africa Alliance full time in September 2007, with the aim of working with Africa YMCAs to better position themselves and for the continental movement to be able to contribute actively and successfully in world agendas.

He served as Executive Secretary of Finance and Administration at the World Alliance, Geneva, from 1999-2007. Here he was centrally involved in the development of strategic direction of the World Alliance and the subsequent Global Operating Plan, was responsible for the Inter-Movement Support Services ( IMSS) and instrumental in the introduction of a new policy and management of the John R. Mott Fund as well as launching a serious Review of the World Movement Fair Share formula.

Carlos began his journey with the YMCA as a volunteer for the Togo YMCA to recruit new members as part of the revitalisation of the movement. He joined the staff of the Togo YMCA in 1987 as a Leadership Development Secretary and worked his way up to Deputy General Secretary, in which position he served for five years, before working for the World Alliance.

He holds a first degree in Physics and Chemistry from Université du Bénin in Togo and a Masters in Sociology from Université Lyon Lumière II, France.

“In Africa, as YMCAs, we need to shift our mindset from being everything to everybody and focus on what we can be the best at empowering our young people to take charge of their future. Only then, can meaningful change happen.”