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April 8, 2018
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April 8, 2018
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Barr Clara Adetuyi

Clara is a lawyer who has worked at the Union Bank of Nigeria PLC; K. Akin Johnson & Associates; and as a CEO for YOBOC & Co. Ltd. in Nigeria. Her YMCA experience includes Member, Nigeria YMCA 2004; Board Member, YMCA of Lagos 1993 – 1997; Chairman, Cyber Café Unit, 2004 – 2006; and Dep. National President, Nigeria YMCA, 2009-to date. Clara’s primary goal during her time with the Executive Committee is to promote the involvement and participation of women to positions of leadership in the YMCA and to help the development of youth so as to keep them away from high-risk lifestyles. She also wants to increase the YMCA’s service to the community, especially to those who are victims of conflict and disease.