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May 6, 2018
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May 6, 2018
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The Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCA), the largest pan-African youth network established in 1977, bringing together YMCAs in 20 African countries including Madagascar by empowering young people for African Renaissance declares the following:

We condole with the families of the deceased and wish the injured quick recovery. Political violence has been fundamental to Africa’s post-colonial political history, but we need not let this be our narrative. We have to change this to provide a peaceful and prosperous Africa both politically, economically and socially by coming up with strengthened mechanisms of conflict prevention and mediation.

We urge the leaders to listen, and take into account the proposals of the Malagasy people and the opposition as actors the country’s life and pillars of democracy and good governance. Politicians have to stop being selfish and greedy for power and strive to be good leaders for the progress of the country. Political leaders should stop misusing the Malagasy People and causing them to die. Malagasy people have too many problems to deal with such us the poverty, abuse of power, bad governance, corruption, insecurity, lies, the fact of sell the country that belongs to all Malagasy.

Only elections that are in line with the Constitution will guarantee the path towards democracy. AAYMCA is concerned that a seizure of power by force would plunge the country and the 23 million inhabitants into a crisis.

To the President of the Republic Mr Rajaonarimampianina, as the Head of State of Madagascar, we urge you to find an effective and peaceful solution, which will see the participation of all the stakeholders in the country and will be accepted by all. Malagasy people require a peaceful election and smooth transition of leadership. Please work on measures fight corruption and insecurity in the country. Development should be your greatest agenda for Malagasy people.

To the army and security forces, your work is to protect lives and property of the Malagasy people, so do that. Protect lives and property. Stop working for a section of people and instead work for everybody in the country as you are one of them. And to the Malagasy people all over the country, please don’t be used by politicians to cause chaos. This country is for all of us, lets protect it with all our heart. If it burns, we all burn so let’s maintain peace and follow the rule of law.

To our young people, you are the present and the future of our country. Take lessons from the past, believe in the truth, and the love of the country. Do not be used by anybody including politicians. Be the agents of change that you always yearn to see. Stop being subjects in your own country, become citizens who are law abiding and willing to take the country forward. We espouse the philosophy of subject to citizen and that what we teach you always so be emulate that and spread the same gospel to your peers.

To the High constitutional court, remember the decisions you make will define the path the country will take. Please do your job as its required of you and remember the entire public depends on you. We need laws that will benefit the country to be passed and not laws that benefit a few individuals. We are in this together so don’t be intimidated.

We are not happy and do not support the electoral laws passed recently in parliament. They do not support a free and fair election, and encourage corruption.

Lastly YMCA Madagascar is working on a program on preparing the Malagasy people and institutions for a free, fair, transparent and inclusive elections. Our main task is youth education around electoral process and advocacy work requesting the inclusion of more than 300,000 young people unfairly excluded from voting right because of administration’s failure to update electoral list. We strive to continue to ensure everyone gets their right to vote.


Africa Alliance of YMCA

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