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Self-employment: YMCA Senegal in Ziguinchor trains 100 young people from «Objectif 500» of the trade ministry — Auto-emploi : 100 jeunes de « Objectif 500 » sont formés par YMCA Sénégal à Ziguinchor

YMCA Senegal’s experience in the field of training is well established. Year after year, the organisation distinguishes itself in promising areas such as agricultural entrepreneurship. The success of its latest project Ampa Awagna with the training of 400 young rural entrepreneurs is a perfect illustration of this. It is therefore quite natural that the Ministry of trade has chosen YMCA Senegal for the training of 100 young people in agricultural entrepreneurship, within the framework of its “Objective 500” project. 

An initiative that YMCA Senegal welcomed with the greatest satisfaction, as it is in line with its objective of empowering young people for development. Indeed, the “objective 500” project launched by the Ministry of Trade aims to accompany 500 young people and women towards the achievement of their objectives, by relying on the levers of training and socio-professional integration. It aims to develop the agricultural potential in the targeted area, increase the rate of industrial processing of agricultural products and improve the quality of life of the people of Casamance.

For the training courses entrusted to YMCA Senegal and conducted by its leadership academy on last November last, 109 young people from the departments of Ziguinchor, Bignona and Oussouye have participated. 

Led by an experienced and dynamic team, the training combined theory and practice, focusing on two main themes: entrepreneurship and agriculture. 

Beneficiaries were given an introduction to entrepreneurship with modules on market research, value chain and financial management, as well as personal development. These are key elements for any entrepreneur to master. For the conduct of its sessions, the YMCA team demonstrated of pedagogical skills that was appreciated by the beneficiaries and which reinforced the partners’ belief that they had made the right choice. During the launching ceremony, both the Minister and the Deputy Mayor praised the YMCA’s commitment to serve the communities and congratulated the organisation’s initiatives for the training of young people in need.

YMCA Senegal facilitated this training with the Assane Seck University which was in charge of the sessions on agriculture through its agro-forestry department. The beneficiaries were trained in various agricultural and horticultural techniques and agricultural entrepreneurship. 

This training, which was welcomed by all stakeholders, should help to solve the problem of youth employment and help to combat illegal emigration, which is a worrying phenomenon nowadays. To this end, young people will be monitored after their training to finalise their business plan. Sessions with 4-5 young people will be planned with the staff of the YMCA in Ziguinchor to complete the projects and enable them to apply for funding. 

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