May 6, 2018
International Womens Day – The strides made
May 6, 2018
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Scenarios building for the future Africa Conference

Invited by the African Alliance of YMCAs, around fifty young people from 40 African countries are meeting in Kilifi in Kenya to reflect on the Scenarios of the future of Africa. The aim of the meeting is giving young people the opportunity to participate in designing different possibilities that can happen in Africa by 2063, on the basis of available datas.
In its commitment to the Africa we want, anchored in the objectives of Agenda 2063 by the African Union, the African Alliance of YMCAs initiated in 2016 a survey of young people from African countries and whose results were confined in a document named Youth Factbook. The document provides information on the continent’s economic, demographic, social, political and technological situation. Those datas have given a particular emphasis on young people, they have been called upon to learn from this situation for a better future.
The answer to the question “what do you think will happen in 2063? Gives an idea of ​​the aspiration of young people for the continent. The majority articulated its wishes in terms of Africa unity, peace, political change, generational alternation and full control of its resources by the continent
An optimistic and positive projection on the future of the continent by its young people whose Secretary General of the African Alliance of YMCAs rejoices and appreciates: “This is the shaping of a new Africa,” Carlos Sanvee said.
He is more convinced that this meeting is characterized by a remarkable diversity of its participants. Indeed, at this meeting were invited young people from non YMCA organizations and coming from as far as North Africa such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt mainly arabics “I was far from thinking that in our meetings, we would find ourselves speaking Arabic, as was the case “, emphasized Mr. Sanvee to magnify it. It should be noted that YMCA is a worldwide movement present in more than 20 countries in Africa mainly from the east, the west, the central and the south.
The participation of other young people in this process demonstrates YMCA’s conviction that every young person as an African has a say in building the Africa we want. ” Africa is not defined by the barriers. It’s defined by the common future that we are going to create, “the Secretary-General of the African Alliance added. So he invited all participants to feel free to interact and participate in the debate.
And to make the most of this session, Mr. Sanvee made some recommendations to the young people. “Be open minded, have an open heart and open will”. On the other hand, he advised young people to not have judgment, to not be animated by cynicism neither by fear.

Diacounda Sene
Communications Director, Senegal

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