S2C Ambassadors Training Programme – My Experience

The opportunity I am glad I took
AAYMCA Young Professionals Programme

Local change is the best system to achieve a global paradigm shift for African youth. Thus, in its desire to strengthen the capacities of young African leaders, the YMCA decided to set up an adequate programme in line with African realities, taking into account those of the outside world. At the second session of the said training, we can only be satisfied with this contribution, which has deeply influenced our way of thinking, of accompanying and especially of analysing. We would say without fail that this programme is largely responsible for our social metamorphosis.

The first part of the programme has already given us the immense honour of discovering our brothers and sisters from different countries, thus overcoming the language barrier and presenting the wealth of our motherland. From there we can think that Africa owes its development to this human wealth, which teams with talent of various kinds. Therefore, the development so much sought after by our states must be based on our values, our ideal of beauty (a colourful world) and above all the development of our know-how and skills.

As the first essence of our training, the conception of thought is a primary acquired value, which today we pass on with pride to our surroundings (clubs, local associations, service colleagues and friends). Further on, we know that the resolution of a collective problem must take into account the integration of all stakeholders by putting people at the centre.

S2C is rooted in this fact, with classic and effective tools. In other words, it indicates the need to do retrospections, notably to evaluate one's past and to push patterns in order to solve a problem with a more efficient approach. As well, the tool of empathy is learned and acquired, with the aim of listening to people without making judgements, thus allowing us to gather information and bring solutions more suited to the situation and context. Finally, developing the tool of insight was transmitted to us in order to respond quickly and precisely to a problem submitted.

Believing in ourselves and taking action is a sure way to build our future

Today I walk with my head held high as a son of Africa, because I have arguments to accompany human and economic development. This programme has given me the vision and the project to echo Africa to the youth, by presenting them with the concept of African we want, and the 2063 agenda, having the certainty that a better appropriation of these ideals will give a stable, strong, ambitious and creative youth. In turn, this will contribute to security, the disappearance of hunger on the continent and above all social and health welfare.

I am John BOGNE, future S2C ambassador, and volunteer for the return of Man to the centre of our daily actions.

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