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The African Youth Charter adopted in 2006 proclaimed the 1st of November as Africa Youth Day, and in 2022, given the new contexts for the youth landscape on the continent spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic the Commission decided to celebrate youth in the entire month of November under the theme “Breaking The Barriers to Meaningful Youth Participation and Inclusion In Advocacy “. The Africa Youth Month (AYM) theme was a resounding call to all youth development stakeholders - governments, international organizations, development partners, private sector, civil society, and all African youth on the continent and in the diaspora – to challenge the barriers to meaningful youth engagement in Africa however they may present.

The Africa Alliance of YMCAs been a Youth focused and Youth development-oriented movement recognizes the importance of Africa Youth Month in celebration of the many roles young people continue to play in achieving the aspirations of Agenda 2063. In November 2022, the Africa Alliance of YMCAs celebrated Africa Youth Month through National. Activities implemented by YMCA during Africa Youth Month were led by the 5th cohort of the Subject to Citizen Ambassadors with the assistance of the S2C Ambassadors Alumni and their National Movements.

During Africa Youth Month, the Africa Alliance of YMCA provided funding to S2C Ambassadors through their National Movements to implement innovative activities designed by them (S2C Ambassadors) in their National Movements. The projects designed were part of activities under the training content of the S2C Program. Each S2C Ambassadors implemented one activity.

Ghana YMCA

Ghana YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1

At the Ghana YMCA, two projects were implemented led by S2C Ambassadors. The first project titled ‘SmartFunder Project” was aimed at providing the platform for 10 young people to learn new skills in areas of entrepreneurship considering the labor market. This project was implemented under the theme “Empowering Ghanaian Youth to be Entrepreneurial in Post COVID-19 Era” and it was in line with the Government of Ghana’s policy to boost entrepreneurship drive among young people. During the project implementation, series of training workshops on Entrepreneurship, Branding, AfCFTA, Communication, Public Speaking and Stress Management were conducted. A total of 70 persons directly benefited including 33 Male and 37 Female

Activity 2

The second project titled “Bevy Rescue Project” implemented addressed the high rising rate of teenage pregnancy cases in the Western part of Ghana, targeting the stakeholders, adolescents’ males and adolescents’ females through advocacy, sensitization, forums and capacity building trainings on comprehensive sexual reproductive health and rights education. The project was implemented under the theme: “Elevating voices; effectively engaging stakeholders& adolescents males in SRHR and teenage pregnancy issues”. A total of 200 persons directly benefited including 75 Male, 125 Female; external stakeholders were 8.


Tanzania YMCA

Tanzania YMCA has one S2C Ambassador who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

On November 30, 2022, the Tanzania YMCA through its S2C Ambassador conducted training sessions to some secondary school students in Marangu ward, a ward in Moshi district Kilimanjaro region. The students were educated on how to protect the environment and the effects that may result from environmental degradation. Apart from the learnings they also went to plant trees in the area which was prepared. A total of 29 persons attended including 16 female, 13 male.  Participants achieved the following:

  • Students got a deep understanding on the meaning of environment
  • Students were able to know various factors that can cause environmental degradation
  • students were able to know various effects that result from environmental degradation
  • students were able to know various ways of conceiving the environment including planting trees
  • students were able to know various measures taken by the government of Tanzania and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO`s) toward conceiving the environment.

Cameroon YMCA

Cameroon YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1

The first activity for the Cameroon YMCA during the Africa Youth Month was led by Bogne Tachegno John Florentin, an S2C Ambassador.  Through this initiative, a Capacity building training for youth in the informal sector in the department of wouri was conducted. The training benefited three young investigators, with the aim of prospecting young entrepreneurs working in the informal sector. At the end of this information and training session with the interviewers, they received kits to go to the site of the operations, which reached more than 75 promoters of the informal sector. Additionally, as part of the project implementation for Africa Youth Month, there was also a capacity building training held for 19 youth delegates and 10 observers during the junior general assembly.

The remaining activities for AYM was carried out towards the local elected officials through the town halls where they ensure the local administration of the populations of Douala, so out of the six town halls in the department of Wouri, three of them were reached, notably those of Douala I, III and V, as well as the Multifunctional Centre for the Promotion of Youth (CMPJ).

There was also a seminar conducted to connect with opportunities, through a training and information session in collaboration with the CMPJ, with the aim of equipping young entrepreneurs was effective with the presence of 9 entrepreneurs. Throughout the entire program implementation, a total of 111 persons were reached including 65 Female and 46 males.


YMCA Niger

Niger YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1

The YMCA in Niger led an education campaign though her S2C Ambassador, Altiné Toga Hannatou with the following activities conducted:

  • Sensitizing parents on the importance of girl education both in the city and rural area.
  • Sharing gift with parents and girls
  • Sensitization through radio

The aim of the activity was to promote girl’s education and encourage parents to support girls and education psychologically, financially and materially. The activity was initiated based on the findings that traditionally, Nigerien society does not see much importance in girl’s education, but rather in the domestic tasks. The education campaign achieved the following results:

  • Visibility of YMCA/Niger
  • Consciousness about lack of enrolling girl in school

A total of 47 persons were reached including 35 females and 12 males.


Zimbabwe YMCA

Zimbabwe YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1.

The first activity of the Zimbabwe YMCA was led by Dylan Mthabisi Khanye, an S2C Ambassador. Through this initiative, a powerspace discussion was held that highlighted dialogues on mental health and meaningful youth participation, presentations, music, dance and poetry. The initiative was aimed at raising awareness on mental health, gathering information about why young people commit suicide as well as gathering people-oriented interventions to curb the rise of suicide in young people.

In general, two Power Space sessions were conducted with Honours Academy and Info-hut Life skills center. The two-power spaces were conducted in two different days under the topic “Why young people commit Suicide”.

The other power space was conducted during the Bulawayo branch camp which saw young people being innovative around the theme and contributing to the big day of the commemoration. Key to deliberations done during power space discussions was the issue of Mental Health and how it affects young people to meaningfully participate and occupy development spaces in different levels. During the power Space discussions young people were also given a task to prepare for the Africa Month Youth Gala that was to be Hosted by Kairos College. The Youth gala brought together college students, YMCA members and staff, stakeholders. The event was a hybrid event as some followed online in our Facebook account. A total of 123 persons were reached including 64 males and 59 Females.



Activity 2 

The second activity conducted by the YMCA Zimbabwe was a Drugs, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Awareness led by its S2C ambassadors. This activated promoted a partnership with Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe in commemorating the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.

Issues raised and discussed (physical and online)

  • The causes of drug abuse amongst the young people and how it can be curbed
  • Youth unemployment
  • The Africa We Want
  • Youth and mental health related issues

A total of 35 persons were reached including 19 female and 16 males.


Senegal YMCA

Senegal YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1.

The first activity of the Senegal YMCA was conducted by Marituo Camara, an S2C Ambissador. During this period, a Javel water fabrication Workshop/Training class was held for the empowerment of Young Girls of Kulimaaroo Center who are victims of abuse.

The initiative constituted discussions on different subjects that take the most important part in their lives such as the therapy ,pregnancy, taking Care of their babies and trying to heal from the trauma of the abuse they went through. In conjunction with the Facility leads, other victims who were not targeted as part of this initiatives were also educated about the psychological impact and were convienced to take treatments.

The next part of the initiative was the Workshop of javel water fabrication, which lasted for three days and in the fourth all the products were completed and ready to be sold. This is an ongoing activity and will run till April, 2023. A total of 31 youth benefited including 24 Females and 7 Males.

Activity 2

The second component of activities implemented by S2C ambassadors from the Senegal YMCA was an initiative focused on vulnerable children who suffer physical violence in their community. It provided donations of different materials including clothes and other items at their disposal but also held talks with them to raise awareness among them and the leaders of Dara about health and hygiene promotion and practices. Activities conducted included aawareness through talks, radio broadcasts, donation of clothes, mats and detergents.

Chat and awareness sessions

Three (  03) talks were made in  the various daras targeted   by the project to  raise awareness of the importance of showering to   avoid  gal disease which is often caused by dirt, but also to avoid  water  stagnant to be safe from malaria. Seven Quranic teachers and 98 talibé children were affected during the activity.  The Departmental Committee for Child Protection (CDPE) of Kaolack was also involved in the implementation of the activity in order to work collaboratively for the cause of the child.

Donation Delivery

The observation that children are always left to stand for themselves without any follow-up of the parties who placed them there. A child can wear a suit for months without changing because they have no means to buy one. After observation, I took the initiative to help these children by buying clothes (thrift store) so that they have something to wear.

In doing so, each Daras received (1) set of clothes, 2 mats (GM), 1 carton of soap, 1 liquid carton of detergent to wash their clothes, The follow-up will be done every quarter to see the condition of the children and the evolution following the recommendations made during the various awareness sessions.

Radio Talk-show

To better broaden awareness at the community level, a radio broadcast was made in Alfayda which is more listened to in the community. This program made it possible to share with the population the work that was done with some Dara and to make a solemn appeal to the competent authorities of the community. At the beginning of the program a presentation of YMCA history was made as well as a presentation on the concept of Juvenile justic and generally S2C.  A total of 132 persons were reached through this initiative including  83 females and 49 males.


Ethiopia YMCA

Ethiopia YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. During the period under review, the YMCA in Ethiopia through its S2C Ambassadors conducted an awareness creation workshop and panel discussion on Anti intimate partner violence against women and the role of young people in building peace.  Excluding the two S2C Ambassadors and YMCA program facilitators; the total 41persons were reached including 23 youth representatives from the YMCA, 8 persons from different youth associations, 4 women youth leaders and 6 members from key stakeholders.


YMCA Zambia

Zambia YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

On the 21 of December, the YMCA in Zambia through its S2C Ambassador, Dalitso Mvula conducted a community Service and social media awareness to enhance skills building and Career Development through support of a back-to-school donation to orphanage home.

During this activity, there were discussions and presentations held on the importance of educating children. Additionally, there were also performances of amazing Zambian gospel songs by the kids. A meal was prepared for them and it was shared with them in the spirit of Christmas, and after the meal, success stories were shared with the children so that they could be inspired to stay in school and be educated. A total of 500 books and other school stationary materials were distributed. Food products and clothes were also handed over to the children. 70 persons were reached including 41 female and 29 males.


Serra Leone YMCA

Serra Leone YMCA has two S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1

From the 1st October to 31st December the Serra Leone YMCA through it’s S2C Ambissador conducted a number of workshops and training sessions on Disaster risk management and reduction aimed at reducing the occurancies of fire disaster in slum community (Mowarf Community). Several meetings were held with some community stakeholders before the kickoff of the project. During the implementation of the project an in-depth sensitization simulation and demonstration were done by experts from different fields. The project lasted for a quarter of a year that is three (3) months. Throughout these months, the project was split into sub components or phases with each phase handing unique part to the project. The phase included:

  1. Visitation / data collection.
  2. Implementation of project.
  3. Monitoring and supervision of project.

A total of 66 persons were reached including 36 female and 30 males.

Activity 2

On the 24th December,2022, volunteers from both YMCA Sierra Leone and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone converge at the kallon car pack at the Aberdeen community to undertake a cleaning exercise at the Aberdeen beach area in Sierra Leone. The activity was aimed at enhancing community understanding and knowledge of sea pollution, climate change and its effect towards community.  A total of 40 persons were reached including 19 females 21 Males.  Activity conducted during this event included:

  1. Training on waste management and environmental pollution
  2. Beach cleaning up exercise
  3. Community mobilization and awareness creation on climate change and environmental conservation

Nigeria YMCA

Nigeria YMCA has three S2C Ambassadors who received funding to implement their activities. Activities implemented during the period by the S2C Ambassadors are as follow:

Activity 1

The Nigeria YMCA through its S2C Ambassador conducted a social behavioral campaign is to advocate against indiscriminate disposal of waste, and to also educate people on the consequences of their actions and inactions on issues that concerns their immediate environment. Through this initiative, a awareness video was developed and is expected to be broadcast during the next face of the project. The next face of the project which is pending will feature a Symposium/Official Launching of the video, Radio/T.V Broadcast, Community Engagement, press release and Social Media Sponsored Ad.


Madagascar YMCA

The YMCA of Madagascar held two separate activities during the Africa Youth Month led by her S2C Ambassadors. Activities implemented included the following:

Activity 1

The first activity was implemented directly by RAKOTONDRASOA Mialy Sombiniaina, it was a Young Entrepreneurs exhibition conference and forum for skills building. The activity conducted related to the second pillar of vision 2030: Meaningful work, conducted during the National General Assembly. This activity was based on findings from an investigation and consultancy held young people in the youth powerspace which revealed that the most common youth issue was finding economic independence.

By using the Human Centered Design approach, it was discovered that most of our young people tried to dive into the entrepreneurship after finishing their studies. However, they don’t know where to begin and how to sell their ideas. Fear about losing money or facing failure prevents them from moving forward. For those, who already started their business, competition from the local market hides their small business and they struggle to find customers.

Based on these, we two activities were created and implemented during the Africa youth month to address these issues.  The first one was young entrepreneur forum: Y-Fest: Young people were given training and skills for exposure and the opportunity to sell and boost their business during the General Assembly of Madagascar YMCA. During the three days in Antsirabe (03-04-05 November 2022) young people were able to exhibit their products, talk to professionals and introduce their business to the public.

The second one was a conference led by FIVMPAMA -Fivondronan’ny Mpandraharaha Malagasy or Association of Malagasy entrepreneur. Through this initiative, an oriented was held with young people on how to create a business and what are the law and rules to follow to have strong network. In general, these activities benefited 408 young people including 286 Female and 122 Male.

Activity 2

The second activity was led by SANDRO MORETTI and implemented over a period of two months. During this period, a training was conducted on organic farming and recycling targeting young people. The first month, young people were trained about organic farming, it’s benefits and techniques. The second component of the project was on recycling and through this, young people were trained on recycling using practical approaches. Generally, 75 young people benefited from capacity building training.

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