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Young Advocates for Change

Africa We Want
April 5, 2018
Real Man Africa
April 5, 2018



Young Advocates for Change (YAC) is the first South-South youth exchange programme to be run as a multi-country programme in four national movements (and including Y Global, Norway as a sending partner). The youth spend a specific time in another country, working at local branch level on community mobilisation, advocacy as appropriate, and experiment with PowerSpaces. They then return to their local YMCA and utilise learnings at local and national level.


  • 59 participants from the pilot in 2016 to date, conducted various follow-up activities in their home branches from peer education to media awareness to personal development coaching;
  • Increase of at least 10% membership in each branch;
  • These 16 participants prepared the 20 participants for the 2017/18 group;
  • These 20 participants piloted the PowerSpace initiative;
  • At least 20 PowerSpaces were formed;
  • 2 stakeholders at least were brought on board in each branch for both cohorts; and
  • 5 media products were published per participant for both cohorts.


  • PowerSpaces at experimental stage gave input into the prototype;
  • PowerSpaces were loosely linked to the key national programmes of youth justice, economic empowerment, transformative masculinity and civic action; and
  • All participants were involved in task teams or as leaders in the conceptualisation and implementation of African Youth Day activities, which increased their self-confidence and brought new stakeholders onboard