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African Youth Scenarios
April 5, 2018
Youth Justice
April 5, 2018



To mobilise youth both inside and outside the YMCA for the Africa we want, the PowerSpace is the vehicle that is giving birth to young confident, empowered, articulate and energised change-makers in their communities.

In 2017, the power space concept was finalised as having four distinct areas:

Activities which will engage the youth of the YMCAs as well as those outside the YMCA. The PowerSpace is marketed as a fun and empowering space youth want to attend. For example, art, public speaking, sports or music activities.

Through modules on identity, purpose and attitude, youth build dreams, aspirations and goals in life. In this way, the PowerSpace helps youth to gain critical life and personal development skills. To fully achieve transformation, the PowerSpace will link youth with exciting and promising. Once the youth have a clear picture of where they want to go in life and what they want to achieve, opportunities to fully realise their potential. These offerings are vast and offer anything from reworking to career expos. the PowerSpace builds the required skills to help them to achieve this. Some skills are essential such as communication skills, some come from internships and others may be specific and niche skills.

In Senegal, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Madagascar, the National Movements experimented with the PowerSpace in terms of the local context and branch level. Often linked directly to the programmes, and at other times linked to topical, current or contextual issues, the PowerSpace adds value to the empowerment of young people. The empowerment that gives them the confidence, courage, skills and suitable opportunities to make a change as they lead us into the future.

PowerSpaces were created in readiness for the 2018 thrust which is now focused firstly on self-awareness before the other steps then come into play.