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Countering Extremism

#Career Manenoz
April 5, 2018
Africa We Want
April 5, 2018



Because I Count is about engaging young people in interfaith dialogue that prevents the effects of religious marginalisation. The project works primarily with Christian and Muslim youth to promote joint actions among the youth of these two faiths that seek to counter violent religious extremism. The project works to create a safe and empowering space and environment at the Kenya YMCA project sites that enable young people to have dialogues among themselves and with their respective religious leaders on issues affecting them, including their risk to being radicalised.


  • An Interfaith Working Group was established consisting of representatives from United Religions Initiative, Think Place Kenya, Technical University of Mombasa, One Nation Under God, Accenture Consultants, the Pwani University, The Human Rights Agenda (HURIA);
  • A research process began;
  • 30 youth attended the economic empowerment training; and
  • 3 table banking groups were established in Shauri Moyo Branch, Kilifi Branch and in Miritini under Mombasa Branch.