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#Career Manenoz

Youth Justice
April 5, 2018
Countering Extremism
April 5, 2018

#CAREER manenoz


#Career Manenoz is part of Economic Renaissance, which also includes economic empowerment, vocational training and entrepreneurship. The initiative secures local financial and in-kind support to hold an event and side-processes so young people interact with various professionals and organisations for skills-building in entrepreneurship, job preparedness and opportunities for further training and work placement. The ultimate goal is to establish a youth and employment ecosystem – a collaborative platform yielding youth economic attainment.


  • First event in Kenya in 2016 involved: 12 00 youth participated
  • 100 youth volunteers were trained in mobilisation and marketing skills for the expo
  • professionals from 33 organisations supported the event
  • publicity for the event in two days grew social media audience from 500 to 1.2 million
  • 600 job placements and internships were achieved for the youth through the 17 established partnerships; and
  • Guidebook developed and translated into French in 2017.


  • The expo led to initiatives such as ‘Youth Vibes’ which engage youth and key players in youth and employment on thematic issues that help youth develop and grow towards gainful employment. The vibes mobilise up to 100 youth in various local branches according to the prevailing youth needs. Role models, motivational speakers and various organisations are invited to engage with youth. These partnerships are gearing towards a youth employment ecosystem that would comprise public and private sector.