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Africa We Want

Countering Extremism
April 5, 2018
Young Advocates for Change
April 5, 2018



Africa we want began as a three-year, multi-country project which ran from 2015- 2017, officially in 11 national movements. It soon became more than a project but an umbrella initiative for all African YMCA work, integrating S2C programmes, philosophy and methodology into a groundswell push for the African Renaissance. Based on Agenda 2063, the blueprint development plan for the African continent, the Africa we want is about youth taking up the lead to be in the driver’s seat for the African Renaissance.


  • 566 foundational trainers;
  • 85 567 youth mobilised;
  • 15 189 orientated to the YMCA and Africa we want;
  • 28 737 youth trained;
  • 21 616 new members;
  • 329 clubs formed;
  • 739 experimental power spaces established;
  • 32 248 stakeholders and youth groupings reached;
  • 273 duty bearers engaged; and
  • 543 community mobilisations held.
  • African Youth Day was celebrated in all the national movements with an average of 50 youth very involved in seminars or workshops, with some events reaching 500 youth.


  • Africa we want became mainstreamed into the thinking, methodology and programmes of the African YMCAs;
  • PowerSpace at a broad experiment stage led to the prototype as well as the content needs of the PowerSpace training and development material; and
  • The widespread engagement with new youth markets and new stakeholders, as well as duty bearers, contributed to the AAYMCA strategic goal to become a sustainable leading youth empowerment movement with a credible voice in the continental agenda.