‘I want to be the voice of the youth’ Nalisoa Andrianarivo, newly elected World YMCA Executive Committee Member

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Nalisoa Andrianarivo, aged 26, is a pedagogical advisor in her native Madagascar. She has been with the YMCA since the age of 20, starting as a member and then leading the Y-UEC (Urban Environment Club) and the Y-Quiz clubs within her local YMCA branch.

Tell us your Name, your home country, YMCA, and the leadership positions you hold in the YMCA

 Hello my name is Nalisoa Andrianarivo, mostly known as Nali. I am based in YMCA Madagascar. I am a Young Advocates for Change (YAC) alumni, I am also a graduated S2C (Subject to Citizen) ambassador and I was also part of the fourth cohort of change agents of the World Y.

Why did you get involved in the World YMCA board?

I became involved because I want to be the voice of the youth championing their voice, their interests and needs.

What does your involvement as an Executive Committee Member at the World YMCA look like over time?

My involvement looks like advocating for the purpose and the mission of the World YMCA to be evident in all National Movements across the world.

What do you hope to achieve in the period of your tenure as an Executive Committee Member personally, as well as for the Global and African YMCA movement? 

Personally, I want to get more skills and experience about working on the international level. On the global level, I want to contribute on the implementation of the vision 2030 and on the African level I want to increase women participation in leadership roles.

What advice would you give to other young African leaders aspiring to be in the same position or even other higher leadership positions? 

My advice would be don’t be afraid to take up leadership roles. Always look for the space, use your voice and don’t be afraid of changes. Change can be painful but it helps you to grow.

Lastly If the YMCA were to be on the cover of your favourite newspaper or magazine in five years, what would the story be about? 

The story would be about YMCA as a champion of effective youth empowerment as well as effective youth participation.

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