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March 9, 2021
April 7, 2021
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Ms. Ethiopia Tilahun Abebe, The YMCA Ethiopia Board President 2021-2024

Ethiopia Tilahun is a compassionate and visionary leader who has 20 plus years of experience on youth and leadership development programs. She has been highly involved on various programs that aim the enhancement of young people in general and women in particular.

Inspired by the dedication of the then young leaders who decided to take part in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS back in the late 1990s, her career journey begun as being a branch coordinator for a youth-led organization which strives not only to ‘save the generation’ from alarming HIV/AIDS but also envisions to build a productive active young citizen. Eventually, influenced by her own firsthand exposure and profound experience, Ethiopia has now become a prominent advocate for youth participation in all developmental agendas of the country.  

Ethiopia has also more than fifteen years of proven experience in delivering trainings and facilitations on different thematic areas such as reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, leadership, life Skills, presentation skills and gender at national and international level. She participated in the development of the HIV Stigma Action Tool Kit and the Zambia HIV/AIDS Aliens certified her as the African Regional Trainer of this Tool Kit. Besides, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has recognized her as Transformational Leadership Facilitator.      

Currently, she is the Country Representative of the Institute of International Education (IIE) SubSaharan Africa and Ethiopia office. Among her main responsibilities, overseeing the strategic direction and the overall management of the Institution, supervising the scholarship program, higher education services, leadership development initiatives and trainings are the ones that need her regular follow-ups.  

Ethiopia believes, there is a huge potential in youth and she strongly argues that no nation can move forward without taping this massive potential. That is why she aspires to see meaningful youth engagement and participation in the social, political, and economical arena. So far, she has learnt what it takes to make this happen; and she is well prepared to make her aspiration come true.  

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