International Women’s Day – Embracing Equity

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, it is important to reflect on the progress that has been made towards gender equality, while also recognizing the work that still needs to be done. This year’s theme is Embracing Equity

Equity is a word that has gained much importance in recent times. It is not just a buzzword, but a concept that holds immense significance in our quest for a more just and fair society. While the concept of equality is well-known, equity goes beyond that by addressing the systemic barriers that prevent certain groups from having access to the same opportunities and resources as others.

Embracing equity means recognizing and valuing diversity, and acknowledging that different groups have different needs and experiences. It means striving for fairness and justice, not just equality. It involves removing the structural and institutional barriers that create inequities, and ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive.

When we embrace equity we begin to see the critical role that women play in our societies. Women bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table, and it is essential that we create a workplace culture that supports and empowers them to succeed.

We must continue to strive for a world where every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential and is treated with the respect and dignity she deserves. Let us recognize the incredible contributions that women make to our families, our communities, and our world, and commit to creating a brighter future for all women, everywhere. Adrien Coly, President, Africa YMCA

The journey towards equity is not an easy one, but it is a necessary one. It requires us to confront and address the historical and systemic inequalities that have shaped our society. It means acknowledging that certain groups have been marginalized and excluded, and that these injustices have far-reaching consequences.

An important step to take is to actively listen to the voices and experiences of marginalized groups. This means creating spaces for them to share their stories and perspectives, and taking their concerns and needs seriously. It also means centering their experiences in our conversations and decision-making processes. Embracing equity also requires taking concrete actions to address systemic inequalities. This includes creating policies and practices that promote fairness and justice. It also involves supporting and investing in marginalized communities and organizations, and providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

This Women’s Day, we challenge all of us to choose to Embrace equity at home, ⁠ Embrace equity at school, ⁠ Embrace equity in business, ⁠ Embrace equity in government, ⁠ Embrace equity in communities and ⁠ Embrace equity in mind and action

Embracing equity is essential for creating a more just and fair society. While it is not an easy journey, it is a necessary one if we are to build a world that is truly inclusive and equitable for all.

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