Institutional Strengthening

The Africa Alliance of YMCAs is responsible for supporting National Movements Governance, Leadership and Sustainability. We believe that strong and sustainable institutions will enable the YMCA better deliver on our Youth Empowerment focus and position the movement as a leading and influential institution in the continent. Our Institutional Strengthening activities are aimed at ensuring mission clarity Board Trainings: the AAYMCA provides training to new and existing boards of member YMCAs. Through these training provide the members of the boards, also referred to National Executive Committees, with skills for good governance practices, leadership and alignment of organisational objectives and strategies to those of the Alliance. Peer Reviews: The AAYMCA supports member movements to undertake peer reviews within the zones of the Alliance. Through Peer Reviews, leaders and management staff of the YMCAs are able to evaluate each other’s progress, provide peer support for leadership and governance issues and hold each other to account for commitments made in the past for growing the continental movement in Africa. Sustainability Reviews and Support: This is aimed at ensuring that the YMCAs in Africa are self sustaining through growing income from existing assets and services as well as positioning themselves for investors and funders. The process includes an assessment of existing assets and development of business plans. Staff and Volunteer Caucuses: AAYMCAs works to regularly convene staff and volunteer caucuses to ensure support to key groups and their deliver on both National and Continental focus areas. There are active Caucuses among Presidents, National General Secretaries, Communications, Programme and Finance Staff.