FEZILE MBATHA, for him YMCA is a space to improve his life. 

Fezile is a young man, born on 20 September 1993. He is from South Africa and lives in Molweni Durban. He is one of the volunteer at the Greater Durban YMCA. He is from a normal family where his mother raised him in a good way to have a better future, and he is really proud of that. They are not rich but his mother always makes sure that their study is perfect. 

He has passion in soccer, and he is really good in it. He plays since he was in primary school. His friends call him “Chansa” because he is in goal position. Chansa and Victor Valdes are his idol and inspire him a lot especially during his childhood. And he wishes to become famous in being a professional player. For now, he has one Gold and two silver medals as awards from soccer. He studied hard because he strongly believes that study is a big pioneer of success.  His dream is to have a good job, found family and being a good father for their children. 

Facing unemployment which affects most of young people in his community, he wants to perform his knowledge. Then, he knew YMCA through life skill program in 2014 It helps him to have new skill like computer and health awareness, and now he can manage it well. In that time, he was informed about voluntarism and he was really interested in it. His passions to look after people and to be a mentor are the big reasons which push him to be part of the YMCA family. And he want to be more effective for the development of himself first, then his community. 

In his community, most of the youth are unemployed. So they spend their time their life in taking drug. His life faced the bad influence of his friend. But since he was at the Local Action Group, he dedicates his time to do something for his community. Then, even he does not have permanent job now, he feel that being occupied make him be far from drug and to have good behavior. And he thinks that through his responsibility and his character of being sociable, reliable, he believe he will have nice job. It is a big experience and open door for him because he learns to take responsibility and do action in what he does as a volunteer at the YMCA. And he is really grateful that much thing change in his life through YMCA involvement.