Profile of Fitahiana ‘Fy’ Nomena Ralaivao

Fitahiana “Fy” Nomena RALAIVAO, born in 2000, lives in Moramanga, a city in the Alaotra-Mangoro region of Madagascar. Besides being a musician and high school student, he volunteers for the YMCA branch at Moramanga. He aspires to become a lawyer in the future. Besides this, he also has much enthusiasm for electronic dance music and would like to be able to produce music in the vein of producers such as Alan Walker, Martin Garrix and Hardwell, as well as having an interest in Malagasy music.

He joined the YMCA in the spirit of voluntarism, with a passion for helping people and also to take part of his responsibility of being a Malagasy citizen. There, he is a leader of the English Club in Moramanga, as well as an active member in the music club there, in which he plays the piano. At the 2016 African Youth Day celebrations at the YMCA celebrations, the music club performed the song, “L’oiseau et l’enfant” (the Bird and the Child), with Fy playing the signature pizzicato and standard string sections on keyboard.

He believes that YMCA has made an impact in his life by giving him the feeling that he has been able to help people, by helping him to understand his true personal identity and giving him direction to use his talents properly. With his comrades from Moramanga, they showed fihavanana (kinship or solidarity) and as an individual, he has demonstrated that Africa is in him and that it propels his future.