Gaitano Muganda Ndalo 

Profile Of Gaitano Muganda Ndalo 

His name is Gaitano Muganda Ndalo, he is 27 years old male from Busia, Kenya and part of the YMCA youth. YMCA has impacted in his life since the tender age of ten when he saw his elder brothers together with their friends rehearse plays that were community-issue-centered.

During that time they would come to Gaitano’s place for rehearsals but later on they found some form of power space at YMCA grounds in Busia Kenya that the thought of founding a theatre group crossed their mind and thus Amateur Theatre production was born.

Through that group, many artistic talents have been unleashed, dreams unlocked and opportunities created. He says the success of this group inspired the founding of others who now used YMCA grounds as their power space.

One such group is the Ever last Dance Group; they won the sakata Dance competition whose price stood at one million shillings. He says as a graduate of political science and sociology, as a poet, as a lover of classic he says YMCA is indeed the power space for holistic development of Busia Kenya youth.

I wants to see founding of clubs, poetry club and other sporting activities in YMCA Busia branch in Kenya for the fellow youths to empower themselves with. Am proud of being a part of the YMCA family they show love to me. VIVA YMCA.