Wishmore G Muchenje’s Profile: “my path towards YMCA!”

It was 3 months ago that I was in Zimbabwe, precisely within Kadoma YMCA branch. During my journey here in Zimbabwe, I have seen, talked and met lot of people with different awesome nature, but i was expired by one person because of his story and the role that YMCA played in his life.

So let me introduce to you Wishmore G Muchenje was born in 1987/10/12 in Zimbabwe in a small town called Kadoma, in a village “Eiffel flats”. He join YMCA in 2010 through his friend then he became a active volunteer and he has many initiative. He was empowered by YMCA and he get more skills, benefited a lot from S2C concept and transformative masculinity. Through his effort to the organization he became a Youth chairperson. He became more motivated and lifted up the YMCA brand by working hard for the Branch then he take a position of being the Branch program chairperson, he come up with project like debate in school, sport in the community so that each young people reach the African Renaissance! I choose to share his profile, , he become the National Executive committee of  YMCA Zimbabwe after they were doing an exchange program in Zimbabwe doing youth health initiative by addressing the needs of young people which were neglected and those issues were need attention. he has goal in life to rise Zimbabwe through his youth to become a better youth platform around the world because she believes that youth is the only key to build the better future for this country. The reason why he love YMCA is because before he was not able to speak English, he have leaderships skills, he go back to school through lessons he got that “seating and complain doesn’t help anyone”, he have register a mining company now,  he have a house, wife through YMCA actually he knows lot of information about that association such as the story, vision, goals, works and activities; which gives him more motivation to continue work. Until now he has participated in all projects that the branch manage and always try his best, for example clubs managing, health services access, and at this time he is advising some of volunteers to come with new project for the branch. His aim now is to development his country and also he want write a story towards building a better Zimbabwe.

He gave lot of times and his own knowledge to the organization and he want to continue because of the possessions that he got like importance of responsibility and positive attitude, also thanks to YMCA he successes to know him better. “I thank you so much YMCA

                                                                                                                                                                Written by Unathi Notshata