Profile of Chegere Edmond Isaac- Transformed through the YMCA- 
By Pasca Ndlovu Busia YMCA

Chegere Edmond Isaac

YMCA over the years has groomed youths who have become responsible citizens and one of those youths is Chegere Edmond Isaac. The 25 year old from Busia Kenya has been a youth member of Busia Branch since 2010. Being part of the YMCA family for the past 7 years has taught him that success in development work is not measured by how much money one makes, but it is about the difference that one makes in people’s lives. It is not about what one gets in return but about what impact they make by giving to others.  He believes that being a part of YMCA was more of his calling to be a change agent and make a difference in his community. Chegere was exposed to YMCA when he was still in primary school. He got to know by YMCA through the community outreaches that the YMCA was involved in back in the days. An example of that were the HIV/AIDS sessions that were done within the community to raise awareness of the pandemic. Through friends he attended a church that was renting the YMCA premises for church services on Sundays. He developed an interest to deepen his understanding of the organization and the programs it was involved in. He learnt about several activities in the organization that seemed to interest him that is Karate trainings that had a team that was doing extremely well in Karate competitions, Basketball trainings and the one he loved the most that is performing arts (Drama performing).

At the moment he heard about the Drama he knew that he had to be a part of YMCA because he had found what he loved, performing had been his love since he was in child. After the discovery he started attending Basketball lessons and Drama sessions and he believes doing so gave him the room to learn playing basketball and learnt a lot of skills required to be a good actor. Growing up, he defines himself as having been naughty and stubborn but being in YMCA transformed him into a good leader. Through trainings he has been exposed to he learnt to be a better person who takes responsibility for his actions. Through Subject 2 Citizen (S2C) he learnt to be a change agent and learnt leadership skills. He has dedicated himself to make YMCA to be well known in his community through being involved in Y forums and training sessions. 

His biggest dream is to play a part in the achievement of Agenda 2063 and he plans to achieve the dream through disseminating information and training youths about Agenda 2063.As well as training more youths to be change agents.