Green Ideas Project: Empowering Youth in Madagascar for a Sustainable Future

Green Ideas Project Empowers Youth-led Climate Actions in Ghana
Registrations are now for the 12th General Assembly

Excitement filled the air as the training of the green ambassadors commenced! Twenty young individuals, now proudly representing YMCA Madagascar, gathered with a common mission - to achieve Pillar 4 of Vision 2030: A sustainable planet. These young green ambassadors embarked on a five-day, intensive training program at the Youth Powerspace YMCA Antsirabe, where they would develop the knowledge and skills to formulate effective environmental protection strategies, employing the innovative Human Design Thinking approach.

The launch of the Green Ambassador Training marked a significant milestone for YMCA Madagascar, affirming its commitment to becoming a greener movement, amplifying the voice of the youth in climate justice, and championing youth-led sustainability solutions. These young ambassadors understood that their role was not just about learning but about driving real change for a better future.

Day 2 of the training kicked off with a hands-on experience - a visit to the Ivohitra garbage depot. This eye-opening excursion allowed the ambassadors to witness firsthand the extent of environmental pollution caused by improper waste disposal. Witnessing the consequences of irresponsible waste management ignited a fire within them, reinforcing their determination to be part of the solution.

Following the insightful visit, the focus shifted to finding sustainable solutions. The ambassadors headed to the Antsirabe nursery, immersing themselves in the fundamentals of biological culture, permaculture, and urban gardening. Learning about organic farming techniques and sustainable urban practices empowered them with valuable tools to tackle environmental challenges in innovative and eco-friendly ways.

Throughout the training, the YMCA's vision for a sustainable planet remained at the forefront. The organization aimed not only to inspire change within the ambassadors but also to instill a collective responsibility to be the change they wished to see in society. With each step, the group grew more passionate about advocating for a sustainable planet and ensuring that their actions aligned with their beliefs.

Day 3 arrived, and the green ambassador's education continued. The Persona tool became their guiding compass as they identified their target audience and the key players necessary to intervene and protect the environment effectively. This strategic approach strengthened their ability to tailor environmental solutions to suit specific contexts and engage diverse stakeholders in their initiatives.

The pivotal Day 4 was graced by the presence of Ms. Tojotsara RATEFASON, the Regional Director of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Vakinankaratra Region. Ms. RATEFASON enlightened the ambassadors on the vital concepts of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as waste management. Armed with this knowledge, the young ambassadors undertook a comprehensive analysis of the viability of forest resources in Madagascar. This analysis highlighted the urgency of preserving the country's forests and biodiversity.

The young green ambassadors were now equipped with valuable insights, tools, and expertise. With the guidance of YMCA Madagascar, they were ready to embark on their own individual projects, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment. The vision of a sustainable planet was gradually being realized through their collective efforts.

As the five-day training neared its conclusion, the determination of these young ambassadors burned brighter than ever. They understood that they were not just representatives of an organization; they were beacons of change, spreading awareness and fostering environmental stewardship among their peers and communities.

The YMCA Madagascar's Green Ambassador Training had become a catalyst for environmental transformation, and these young change-makers were prepared to carry the torch forward, lighting the path to a brighter and greener future for generations to come.

This initiative is funded by Sweden YMCA - KFUM Sverige and implemented by Africa Alliance of YMCAs and Madagascar YMCA.

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