Entrepreneurship- After three months of training at YMCA Senegal, young people receive their first cheque’s to start their project

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They proposed innovative business projects and received the funds that will allow them to implement their project. These 14 young people constitute the third cohort of beneficiaries of the innovation fund for young people who have received entrepreneurship training as part of the Eqwiphubs project in partnership with YMCA Senegal.  
The first cheque handing over ceremony was held last week at YMCA’s  Senegal premises. The amount received represents the first tranche that will allow young entrepreneurs to start their activities. After completion of the first phase, the beneficiaries who present convincing results will receive the second tranche of the amount promised.
The innovation fund is an initiative to encourage young Senegalese to create micro enterprises.Depending on the relevance of the projects they present, 40 beneficiaries can be financed annually up to 900,000 CFA. Thus, they can empower themselves and employ other young people. “I will not congratulate you. I will rather encourage you to realize your life project and your professional projects, “said Jean Bassene, Executive Director of YMCA Senegal. He also reassured the beneficiaries of the support and accompaniment of YMCA. The ceremony was also an opportunity to present their certificates to the cohort 10 students in employability and 11 12 in entrepreneurship. 
The proposed courses are delivered mainly by the staff of YMCA Senegal. A commitment that was welcomed by Ms. Adwoa Atta Krah, EDC’s representative on the Hub’s Observer Mission. “We have seen the commitment and passion you demonstrate in training. You do what is necessary to ensure the continuation of the project. And for that, be encouraged and thank, “she said. 
Indeed, in the partnership that binds it to EqwipHubs, YMCA Senegal will from 2020 be responsible for ensuring the continuity of all the activities of the Hub. These are three-month core training courses and short-term tertiary courses for groups, associations and other structures that wish to do so.  

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