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April 18, 2020
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May 2, 2020
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Some see it as the end of the world, the destroyer of life, eliminator of happiness that has come to exist on earth, the home wrecker that puts a division between men and wife just because it can. The one that came and in no time people were in fear for their lives. 

Fear flows through my veins and l panic when its name is uttered. It has subjected humans to fear what they might become. It is Unstoppable we say, we have already allowed it to concur us. The human race is in a crisis that has shaken the researchers and scientist who are seeking a remedy to eliminate or control it. It comes with anger and savage… thirsty for human kind, mercilessly slaughtering each day. It knows no boundaries, boarders nor race. Cry motherland, for we ignored its danger when it started sounding the bells from the so called far lands. 

There is only one way to minimise and stop this pandemic that is causing so much pain to our world. Let’s work together as the human race and help our governments in reducing the spread of Covid-19. Although it sounds simple, but most of us ignore it, take your time to clean your hands now and then. 20seconds that you take washing your hands is sure not a waste of time when life is at risk. Make it a habit to wash your hands with soap or sanitizers. Listen to the news and the ministry of health updates for correct, reliable and true information so that you are not misled or misled others. For wrong information might cause you to make decisions on an uninformed point of view.  Make it a habit to survive and maintain the recommended social distance. Most Africans feel more appreciated with a handshake and now we are learning a new way through a smile so as to try containing the pandemic. Keeping a metre away from your friends is rather the best move to take as it saves both your lives. 

Isolate and stay at home so that you reduce the probability of coming into contact with the virus. Avoid unnecessary movements that could expose you and your loved ones to the risk infection. Always wear a mask correctly when moving out of the house and avoid touching your face. Make it a habit to try and minimise the spread of Covid-19 as much as you can. It start with you and me, it starts with all of us. Let’s cut the chain, let’s close the tape of this pandemic, stay at home and be safe. Everyone has a mandate to play a role in helping our world get back on track, it is our responsibility we need to co-operate to win.

By Lavine Imali

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