*The choice she never had*

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Fire Explosion in Freetown, Sierra Leone

An intelligent girl she was, full of hopes and dreams. 

Rainbows n Unicorns was part of her dreams

How she wished to have a better life was her only dream, 

Unfortunately hers only 💔

Her parents on the other hand saw only cows and goats. 

They saw her as an end to their misery

Their poverty had gone so deep , they didn’t give  her the right to choose her fate. 

She cried, her mother intervened

Unfortunately her drunk father threw blows and smashed bottles in their heads. 

Ohh poor African girl, suppressed and manipulated

Gave in to the empty promises her supposed “spouse” had made to her. 

Little did she know that her rainbows and  unicorns dreams had turned into thunder and lightning. 

In the blink of an eye she had traded a bull for  a donkey. 

The cows never came home. 

Only few empty promises.

Her soul trembled, she shrunk.

The thought of losing her future at 15 shuttered all her dreams. 

Her parents never looked back, 

She never looked forward. 

Poor African girl, sad and manipulated had no choice but to stay for her children. 

Poor innocent souls she had brought to this cruel world. 

Paying for the sins of their mother and her primitive ancestors. 

Who had bred poverty and never welcomed enlightenment in their lives. 

The past had no present and the future remained blank. 

It was living life in circles, never going anyway. 

Poor African girl, enslaved both in the mind and the body, never knew anything outside her miserable marriage. 

Hope for better days is the only thing that kept her moving,

Unfortunately that same hope  ended up turning into misery. 

By Alex T Kurisa, MSU- Student YMCA Club (Zimbabwe)

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