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Change Agent – Cohort 4 Launch

The YMCA Change Agent Programme is an international leadership development programme to empower YMCA young leaders and grow the ability of the movement, with special emphasis on local associations. The aim of the programme is to positively impact the lives of young people in the world and is an investment in our organisation’s unity and sustainability. The programme is coordinated by the World YMCA in
partnership with YMCA Area organisations and National Movements and will engage up to 200 young leaders in the next cohort (2019-2020) in training opportunities (on line and faceto-face), local project development, mentorship and an opportunity to be part of YMCA 175 in London, England.

Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General World YMCA declared the Change agent cohort 4 officially launched. In a letter sent to area movements, Mr Sanvee asked all national movements to submit their applications. He said this cohort will be a hybrid programme balancing the status quo with the implantation of a new, more flexible curriculum to meet the needs of our movement globally and to ensure better alignment to local, national and regional YMCAs.

The outcome of the new programme will be to equip our Change Agents to lead change locally and globally, transform their communities, and increase YMCA’s relevance and agility as a global hub for youth-driven social change. The curriculum will take place across a 12-month period (May 2019-April 2020), with the option for participants to extend their learning to up to 18 months if they choose (May 2019-September 2020). 

As this is a historic year for YMCA, celebrating our 175thanniversary, we will only be hosting one global gathering which will precede the YMCA175 celebration. Change Agents will be invited to Fairthorne Manor in Southampton, UK from 1-3 August before reconvening in London for YMCA175 from 4-8 August where they will deliver workshops, learn about youth leadership, and further develop their leadership skills. Prior to the global gathering, Change Agents will also have a regional gathering. Information for that will be provided by their Area Alliance. 

Looking to the future we are committed to providing an innovative curriculum covering topics important to young people today. We want to see former Change Agents strengthen future programmes, supporting incoming cohorts as mentors, trainers, translators and more. We will also aim to provide greater connectivity with external organisations that have expertise in the curriculum to help build stronger relations and deepen their engagement with external partners.

A) Qualifications
Target ages: 18-30
YMCA engagement: -Minimum of one year of service as staff or volunteer.
-Actively engaged in the work of the YMCA on local level
-Respected by their close young peer leaders
-Demonstrates willingness for long term service to the YMCA
Skills/knowledge -Proven leadership capacity and skills
-Able to communicate in English or Spanish and national language
-Basic level training on Governance on local and national level
-(Preferably) Participation in key national/international youth

B) Selection recommendations
Programme capacity: Up to 200 Change Agents will be selected. There is no minimum numbers or quotas stipulated to any local or National YMCAs
Diversity: Gender, age, geography, abilities (World YMCA Change Agents
Programme is all inclusive)
Supporting documents: Applicants must provide:
-On-line Registration Form
-Memorandum of Understanding agreement signed by the National YMCA (President and/or National General Secretary) with Change Agent champion identified.
Important: In the case of additional selection criteria/requirements from
the Area Alliances, separate communication with all details will
be shared.
The selection of a Change Agent is a strategic decision of each YMCA. The recommendations mentioned above are based on the experiences of previous cohorts.
Participants will be admitted after endorsement from their National YMCA of origin and the YMCA Area Alliance when applicable.
Change Agents is aligned with some regional programmes.

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