'The African YMCA movement is now poised to ensure that youth are heard by the bodies most able to act. Our work directly targets policy and decision-makers throughout the continent while also making sure that youth issues are covered more in the media and through governmental events and celebrations. There are many ways for you to get involved in our work:

  1. Contact your local YMCA or the AAYMCA to join one of our S2C Agenda 2063 projects and activities;
  2. Ask your local YMCA about S2C programmes and take part in our capacity development programmes so that you can take ownership of the direction of youth empowerment in your region;
  3. Join or start a YMCA youth club in your school, church or tertiary institution so that you can take part in our training and development activities, make others aware of S2C and Agenda 2063, and raise community awareness and services for youth;
  4. Evaluate the resources available to youth in your region and share your needs and those of your peers with us;
  5. Learn more about Agenda 2063, the needs of youth in your community and express yourself through social media, the mainstream press and decision-making bodies in your region;
  6. Mobilise your peers to speak out against youth abuses and manipulations in your region;
  7. Create public events and celebrations that recognise the importance of youth in the community; and
  8. Lobby the African Union and your government to give more prominence to African Youth Day. Make sure your government celebrates African Youth Day on 1 November every year and take part in the celebrations.'