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May 11, 2018
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A Real Man Is Hackathon Held in Mombasa

By Shillah Raymond

YMCA Africa in partnership with Swahilipot Hub held a Hackathon for #ARealManIs Project from 18th April 2018. The Hackathon was a three-day event that challenged participant’s creativity and imagination towards creating a safe platform for addressing Violent Against Women. The participants developed a platform that will be used to educate, share insights and experiences and also report cases about violence against women. The best techie won a 3 month contract with Africa Alliance of YMCAs, to finalize and promote their proposed platform. The event was held at Swahilipot Hub offices in Mombasa.

Since January 2016, the Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCA) has been implementing the #ARealManIs: Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women in selected sites in Kenya and Zambia. The project seeks to engage young men to actively participate in ending violence against women specifically physical, sexual and cyber violence. The project is also aimed at creating safer communities and work places. In both Zambia and Kenya, masculinity is commonly associated with, and proved through dominance and control of women. Through dialogue, role modelling and campaigns targeting young men, this project seeks to transform this hegemonic conception of manliness. #ARealManIs aims to end Violence against Women whether physical or virtual (online) and promoting Gender Equality and safer platforms.

The winners created an sms platform that will be used to share information about GBV against women and also an interactive blog that will be a one stop shop for all information about GBV. The winners will officially start their contract at AAYMCA from June.

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