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October 3, 2018
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Message to Cameroon

Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCA) has been following the process of the Cameroon’s presidential election that took place October 7, 2018 with great interest. President Paul Biya from CPDM is the second-longest serving leader of Africa, seated in the presidential chair for 36 years. For this election he aims to be seated for another 7-year term. Opposition leader Maurice Kamto from CRM has already claimed victory, although the official results are not expected before two weeks after the election date.

News channels such as BBC Africa indicates that the presidential election went relatively smoothly. However, parts of the Anglophone region – the North-West and South-West was disrupted by several violent incidences leaving at least 3 people dead. The backdrop of the Sunday’s presidential election is increasing conflict in the Anglophone region, which for the last two years has been affected by a separatist uprising against the French-speaking authorities. The English-speaking region argues that their region are being neglected and excluded from power, resulting in some militia and separatist want an independent state. Other argues for a federal system of two states with one French-speaking and one English-speaking. The uprisings has since last year led to several hundred killings including civilians and hundreds of thousands fleeing from their homes according to the International Crisis Group.

According a BBC reporter, a party supporter Emmanuel Ndam, 58 says “Young people may be eloquent. They may make big promises, but none of them can have the steady hands to run a large country like Cameroon” We disagree with this statement because we believe young people can lead and deliver on promises too.

The Africa Alliance of YMCAs believes the engagement of young people in shaping the global development agenda is very critical, as they are the leaders of the future and they should be fully engaged in the political decisions of their countries. Young people need peace and should not be used to cause chaos.

     Africa Alliance of YMCAs:

  • Condemns the violence perpetrated against the civilian population due to the uprising violence in the North-West and South-West regions since 2016.
  • Supports the rule of law and installation of democracy in Cameroon through peaceful means.


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